Coaching and Training Programmes

Virtual Masterclass Session (£25)

What to Expect 

60-Minute Masterclass £25

Friday 15th December, 4pm.

Step 1. Why Bother to build a Purpose Driven Brand.

Create a fresh perspective that you can launch your product pipeline and build a company that you are excited to grow and be a part of whilst managing every challenge like Bruce Lee.

Step 2. Why Great Companies are built on great Products.

How a well crafted Vision can tap into your natural curiosity and creativity to create new business and product ideas.

Step 3 Who Cares? 

How this approach helps you attract the right talent, investors or buyers into your business.

Step 4. So what! Now what! 

What you can do today to get started today

Includes Bonus content:

Free Digital Workbook to Accompany the Masterclass. 

  • Benefits and Case Studies of building a purpose-driven Brand and Business.

  • What work life balance looks and feels like as a mindful entrepreneur.

  • How to Improve your focus and concentration, Reduce stress and anxiety.

  • By the end of this masterclass, you will have embarked on a framework to create a purposeful vision that will make you jump out of bed every day and empower every stakeholder in your circle (Personal and Professional).

Do not be put off if you are a solo-preneur or are running a £20m business or a new product department the outcome will dictated by YOUR ambition not where you are starting.

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