How I Work

Accountability Coaching or Fractional Executive

My Process

Schedule a Discovery Call

Like many of my clients you may not have clarity on everything needed to scope out your budget or goals yet

Every business is unique, often the best way forward is to set up a short discovery call to see if we are a good fit and to understand where you are now, roughly where you want to end up, what kind of service  or project will deliver results for you.


Onboarding will establish how we spend our time together with an actionable roadmap, timescales and expectations. 

You will then receive a link and be able to book sessions or days via Acuity scheduling whenever they are convenient to you.

Do the Work Tracking Progress

We will track and measure progress at each session or on a regular cadence to ensure you are tracking towards hitting your goals.

Build your business at a fraction of the cost with the leadership and past experience needed to navigate growth initiatives and business planning.

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.
What I Value



Transparency,  open communication and Integrity are the elixir that makes overcoming barriers and challenges in business and life so much fun. If I can add value then im all in if I commit to delivering something then  I will deliver. I value relationships where both parties do what they say and are open when they are unable to – a problem shared is a problem halved.



I Value relationships that are open minded, growth oriented  and a curious love of learning.

Because if you don’t believe in yourself, your idea and your ability  with me to make it happen then you can be sure that nobody else will



Spoiler… it’s not about greenwashing credentials.

You can’t save the planet or help people if you have no cash, future revenues or are surrounded by the wrong people, overwhelmed and burnt out. We will always make progress at a manageable pace.

I value being sustainable in all areas of the business so that we can be a force for good and have a greater impact.



Managing our energy is much more effective than managing time.  Somedays will be productive others efficient. That’s just being human but whatever the weather showing up and giving a shit is a given.


What my clients are saying

Andrea lead the project to re-launch our products in the UK and developed the very insightful strategy that focused us on only the right retailers to spend our limited resources on. We have seen sales growth of 6-15 times prior year to the relaunched accounts thus far. We've just begun but can already see that our project will be a huge success and learning for us. Can't thank Andrea enough!
Alan Tanouye
Director of Wholesale Channel - Global Floralife at Smithers Oasis Co
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